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Welcome to Calder Recordings, an established purpose built studio based in West Yorkshire. We have a passion for all things audio and with a combination of superb equipment, experienced staff and a great vibe, you will achieve recordings of the highest quality without breaking your budget.

Choosing the right studio is important! We've seen many studios come and go over the years, some rebrand, some change name, some even attempt to copy what we do!

We have and always will give you fantastic service, professionalism and most of all superb results. You'll always be in very experienced hands working with world class engineers and producers. That's why we're here.

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We're situated in the picturesque Calder Valley, on the slopes of the Pennines close to Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. A setting that encourages great creativity. Within easy reach of the M62 we are easily accessible.


Studio Control Room

Our main control room is air conditioned and fully equipped with a large format Toft Audio analogue console complete with it's fantastically musical 80B series 'British' EQ on each channel. We have the very latest Pro Tools HD3 System packed with plugins including SSL, TL Space and more, racks of outboard and quality monitoring.

The room has been acoustically designed with guidance from Dr Bruno Fazenda (Salford University Acoustic Research). This has resulted in a neutral and non-fatiguing working environment, your mixes will transpose well anywhere!

We have a wide selection of quality microphones including Neumann, Calrec, Rode, Sennheiser & AKG along with a few vintage classics!

We use the very best Microphone pre-amps (maintained in tip top condition by Garreth Connor of GJC Designs) to capture the 'complete' sound in the analogue domain. We also have some stunning pieces of high end outboard.

Live Rooms

The studio has 3 spacious live rooms, all with line of sight to the main control room. live room one is 550 square foot and has a vaulted ceiling and natural daylight offering superb and spacious acoustics.

Live room two is 300 square foot, acoustically treated and also consists of a drum / cab acoustic riser. This room is coupled directly to live room one via double acoustic glass doors (these can operate as one huge room or acoustically isolated areas) which offer perfect line of sight for band members whilst tracking.

Live room three is a spacious and luxurious vocal and amp isolation room!

Mastering Suite

A vital part of music production is the mastering process, often overlooked by many recording studios. Thats not the case here.

Our engineers are highly experienced in the process of preparing tracks for optimum quality across any sound source. To compliment their ability we have a purpose built mastering suite giving the perfect acoustics and speaker variation for testing and top of the range software and hardware to really bring the most out of your track.

Furthermore, to make sure you can get your tracks ready for the prime time as quickly as possible we even have an online mastering tool so you can upload your tracks straight to our studio and have them mastered in no time. We're just putting the finishing touches to it so stay tuned for its imminent release!