Information About double glazing Installers

Installer Trade associations

Once you have decided to fit a new Conservatory, there is more to choosing your installer than just finding the lowest conservatories prices in the market because all the savings you think you made on the purchase price could be wasted by poor or faulty workmanship during construction.

double glazing InstallersOne of the first things you can do to reduce the chances of dealing with a “cowboy” is to look for installers who are members of recognised National Trade Associations. As a general rule, most of the major UK trade associations will have vetting & checking procedures in place as part of the conditions of membership.

The vetting & approval of members will cover things like financial records, previous installation checking, skill levels, customer service / care, guarantees and warranties.

Whilst using a member of a proper trade association is not a rock solid guarantee of perfect pricing & service, it will go a long way to making sure you are dealing with a reputable company with a decent track record.

There are many re-modelling costs that we need to think about in our home, but very few of them are as important as double glazing windows because this improvement is one of those that help us save a great deal of money. When you consider the idea of double glazing your home, you will be saving a lot of cash on heating every month.

This is going to make the investment extremely valuable and you will see that money back in your pocket in no time.

Colour Choice for Double Glazing Windows

The really good thing about composite windows, apart from their long life, high security and the wide choice that allows you to find really good value for money by finding low local glazing prices is that they are available in a wide range of colours so that you can be as individual as you like when choosing how your new home improvements will look.

The finished exterior surface can be smooth or have a textured “wood grain” effect – the wood grain finish is shown in the photos above and in real life it looks terrific, somehow giving the windows a more imposing and classy look. The range of colours is also quite surprising; in my opinion the wood grain effects look the most amazing.

  • Green (Chartwell green) /Mahogany / Red / Oak (Antique, light & dark)
  • Irish Oak / White / Blue / Cream / Teak / Black / Black-brown /Grey

Why not take some time to review the choices and see what a difference new double glazing will make to your home and get more information here: